TO:             Interested Parties
FROM:      John Podesta and Lori Lodes, Climate Power 2020
RE:             President-elect Joe Biden is Already Acting on His
                    Climate Mandate

For the first time in our history, climate played a consequential and decisive role in electing the next president of the United States. President-elect Joe Biden ran on climate and he won on climate with more than 78 million voters choosing his vision for an equitable, clean energy future.

This overwhelming support and record turnout is significant as Biden put climate at the forefront of his campaign — shaping his closing message to voters as a choice between bold climate action or science denial. And millions of voters responded to that choice, giving Biden a clear mandate on climate.

Biden is already acting. He’s made critical moves during the transition — including making the climate crisis one of four transition priorities and announcing one of his first actions would be to re-join the Paris climate agreement — to signal that his administration’s approach to the climate crisis will be both immediate and government-wide.

The importance of that action cannot be overstated. There has never been such a widespread and overt focus on the climate crisis from a presidential campaign or a president-elect.

Biden has both the political and moral mandate to act on climate. The young people, voters of color, and suburban women who fueled Biden’s victory are overwhelmingly climate voters and are demanding climate action.

In exit polls, Morning Consult found 3-in-4 Biden voters said addressing climate change was very important in deciding who they voted for in the presidential race, and both CNN and NBC News found that two-thirds of voters think climate change is a serious problem.

Even FOX News found that 72% of voters are concerned about climate and 70% of voters favor increasing government spending on green and renewable energy.

This support should leave no doubt that 2020 was a climate election, and the crisis and its impact on jobs, the economy, health, and justice will only continue to gain political importance as an increasing number of people across the country see climate action as a reason to vote.

The Biden-Harris administration is already acting on its climate mandate.

Biden promised “a transformational plan for a clean energy revolution.” He’s already making good on that commitment. 

Biden campaigned aggressively on climate and a record number of voters turned out for his vision of an equitable, clean energy future and gave Biden a mandate to act.

 This may have been the first climate election  it will not be the last.