More than 300 Clean Energy Business Leaders Denounce Efforts to Repeal President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan

Leaders say repeal would be an “economic and national security disaster” that would “pull the rug out from growing American businesses and countless workers.”

WASHINGTON, DC — As Republicans in Congress continue to push legislation undermining and repealing the clean energy provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act, 300 business leaders from America’s clean energy boom write to Congressional Leaders warning of the dangerous consequences that would result if those efforts are successful. As Axios reports, “It shows how startups and investors in the climate tech world — not traditionally a big lobbying force — could step in to protect the climate law from GOP repeal attempts.”  

The leaders from 42 states write in their letter:

“Repealing the clean energy provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act would be nothing short of an economic and national security disaster. It would pull the rug out from growing American businesses and the countless workers that have already been hired. It would leave factories half-built, with construction workers laid off mid-project, and orders from surrounding businesses unfulfilled. It would deprive the American people of new energy choices which will drive down families’ energy costs more and more as businesses grow to scale and competition spurs further innovation. Worst of all, repeal would solidify our international competitors’ head start and leave America dependent on those competitors and even adversaries.”

The clean energy leaders note that continuing support of domestic clean energy production and manufacturing will continue to bring down costs for consumers as American businesses grow to scale and continue to innovate. They urge both parties to unite to support American energy by protecting and building on the President’s clean energy plan.