Since Passage of IRA, Majority of Clean Energy Projects are in Communities of Color, Creating Over 85,000 Jobs in Areas with Sizeable BIPOC Communities 

Washington, D.C. –  Today, Climate Power released a new report illustrating how the Biden administration’s clean energy plan is creating an economic boon in communities of color. According to the new report, since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, 129 of the 190+ clean energy projects announced are in communities of color, bringing more than 85,000 new jobs to BIPOC communities

MAGA Congressional Republicans are threatening to kill clean energy jobs that primarily benefit their districts and communities of color with their Default on America Act. Even though many of these Republicans have taken credit for these jobs and celebrated clean energy investments in their communities, they are dead set on repealing the very incentives that made these jobs a reality. If the Inflation Reduction Act is repealed, over 140,000 clean energy jobs are at risk of being killed

“With their Default on America Act, Congress’ MAGA extremists are once again choosing to serve Big Oil’s interests over the wellbeing of their constituents. By going after thousands of jobs and clean energy projects that are already creating economic opportunity all over the country, they are threatening the future of all Americans—with communities of color bearing the brunt of their dangerous legislation,” said Antonieta Cadiz, Deputy Executive Director of Climate Power, En Acción. “Since the passage of President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan, clean energy companies have announced or moved forward with 191 projects, 129 of which are in communities of color. From Arizona to North Carolina, these investments are paving the way for historic emission cuts and a livable planet for our children while benefiting our economies with better-paying jobs and reduced costs on electricity bills. These opportunities are what’s at stake if the Inflation Reduction Act is repealed.”

Findings from the report: