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WASHINGTON, D.C. – new report from Climate Power shows that, since the Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law, President Biden’s climate plan has created 142,000 new clean energy jobs in states represented by 82 Senators. The report analyzes the 191 clean energy projects in 41 states that have moved forward since the passage of the IRA. The review comes after the publication of another Climate Power report on the job boom in Republican-held districts.

Even as President Biden’s climate plan is building hundreds of thousands of new jobs, Republicans and their Big Oil executive allies are working to roll back the critical climate legislation that is responsible for the jobs boom. Republican MAGA extremists in Congress are trying to kill new, good paying jobs coming to their districts by including a repeal of clean energy incentives in their Default on America Act. This prioritization of oil and gas interests over the health of the American economy is an imminent threat that must be stopped. 

Toplines from the report:  

States around the country have benefited from the provisions of the national clean energy plan. Even climate skeptics have touted the benefits of the law for their communities because they now understand that this clean energy plan means big investments and new jobs in their communities. Already, the new laws have significantly benefited local economies and will provide family-sustaining wages in ZIP codes from coast to coast. The local economic benefits will continue to spread across the country. In total, 82 Senators represent more than 142,000 jobs for electricians, mechanics, construction workers, technicians, support staff, and many others. A few highlights: 

Thanks to the Biden administration’s clean energy plan, billions of dollars are flooding into states represented by both Democrat and Republican Senators. These investments are popular. According to a recent poll from Navigator Research, the IRA is supported by 89% of Democrats, 62% of Independents, and 44% of Republicans.

Senators serving on the four key “climate and clean energy” Committees represent a majority of new clean energy jobs across the country – 113,359 jobs across 159 projects with $127,719,347,114 in investment. This includes Republican and Democratic Senators on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee representing 48,361 new clean energy jobs, Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committees representing 52,354 jobs, Senate Appropriations Committee representing 66,955 jobs, Senate Finance Committee representing 65,154 jobs,  and Senate Budget Committee representing 56,626 jobs. Senators serving on these four committees represent a majority of new clean energy jobs, 113,359, across 159 projects with a total investment of $127,719,347,114.