Oz’s Focus on Oil Would Enrich Fossil Fuel Executives While Short-Changing Pennsylvanians

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Last night, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz faced off in the first and only debate in the Pennsylvania Senate race. Dr. Oz came out swinging, firing off personal attacks against Fetterman while offering no substantive policy solutions to address the key issues Pennsylvania voters are most concerned with, from the economy to job creation, and energy security. 

Dr. Oz tried to paint himself as a man of balance, even as he parroted the same extremist rhetoric as his Big Oil backers. Dr. Oz has taken $114,422 from the oil and gas industry for his Senate campaign. And the main SuperPAC supporting Dr. Oz with over $30 million in ad buys, the GOP’s Senate Leadership Fund, has taken over $12 million from companies and individuals working in the energy/natural resources industry. When it comes to energy, Oz has an incredibly myopic point of view – he sees fossil fuels as the be all end all, while totally ignoring the immense untapped renewable resources Pennsylvania has to offer. 

By completely writing off Pennsylvania’s renewable energy potential, not to mention the additional manufacturing capabilities for renewables like batteries and solar and wind power, Oz is short-changing Pennsylvanians and leaving money – and jobs – on the table. Oz repeatedly attacked Fetterman for his work to hold Big Oil accountable. The fact that Oz appeared more concerned about the welfare of Big Oil executives and wealthy shareholders than the working people he is running to represent says it all. 

 Here are some key examples of Dr. Oz’s Big Oil talking points from tonight’s debate:

In stark contrast, Fetterman, who has not accepted any fossil fuel industry donations, took a much firmer stance holding the industry accountable for taking advantage of hard-working Pennsylvanians.