President Biden in Colorado to Tout the Benefits of Clean Energy Plan

Pueblo, Colorado – Today, President Biden will visit Colorado to show how his clean energy plan is creating good-paying jobs, investing in America’s infrastructure, advancing clean energy, and combating the climate crisis. As part of the President’s visit to Pueblo, he will be highlighting how Inflation Reduction Act investments are promoting clean energy businesses and creating jobs.

President Biden will visit Colorado’s 3rd U.S. Congressional District which is represented by Lauren Boebert. Representative Boebert voted against the Inflation Reduction Act, despite its clear benefits for her constituents. In just over a year since the bill’s passage,  $1.77 billion in investments and 3,517 jobs have been furthered in Colorado. This past spring, CS Wind broke ground in Pueblo as they began expanding their wind turbine manufacturing plant. President Biden is set to tour the plant while visiting. 

Beyond Colorado, the Biden Administration has created more than 210,000 new clean energy jobs in over 44 states since the Inflation Reduction Act’s passage. This has amounted to a stunning $310 billion in new investments nationwide.