President Biden in Pennsylvania to Tout the Benefits of Bidenomics

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Today, President Biden will visit Pennsylvania to show how Bidenomics is creating good-paying jobs, investing in America’s infrastructure, advancing clean energy, and combating the climate crisis. As part of his visit, the President is set to announce a major investment in the Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Hub. The union-backed project’s goal is to be “as climate-friendly as possible by making hydrogen through electrolysis — splitting water molecules using renewable energy sources.”  The funding for the hydrogen hubs program comes from the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, a key element of President Biden’s national clean energy plan. 

Already, investments in the Keystone State under President Biden are paying dividends. In Pennsylvania alone, the Biden Administration – through the Inflation Reduction Act – will invest more than $270 million in clean power generation and storage between now and 2030. This massive investment is essential to improving the state’s infrastructure and creating good-paying jobs for manufacturing workers in the state. The Inflation Reduction Act will also empower 52,700 farms in Pennsylvania to take the lead on climate solutions. 

Other examples of investments made in Pennsylvania thanks to Bidenomics:

Beyond Pennsylvania, the Biden Administration has created more than 170,600 new clean energy jobs in over 44 states since the Inflation Reduction Act’s passage. This has amounted to a stunning $278 billion in new investments nationwide.

All these figures point toward one conclusion: President Biden is good for American workers, good for the economy, and bringing American infrastructure into the 21st century.