President Biden to Spotlight How Bidenomics is Delivering for Communities in Maine

Since Passage of Inflation Reduction Act, New Clean Energy Jobs Have Been Announced in the Pine Tree State

Auburn, Maine – Today, President Biden will travel to Maine to spotlight how Bidenomics is delivering good paying jobs in the Pine Tree State. Since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, Nyle Systems announced that they had secured $6 million to open a new heat pump water heater factory in Bangor, Maine. The facility is projected to create 200 new jobs and to be operational by the end of summer 2023.

Private companies have invested over $950 million across the state thanks to the Administration’s Investing in America agenda. Furthermore, since President Biden took office, Maine’s unemployment rate has dropped to 2.8%, with 32,000 jobs created across sectors. 

Major private sector projects launching in Maine as a result of Investing in America incentives:

Recently, First Lady Jill Biden stopped in Maine to discuss career-connected learning and workforce training, both essential elements to a key pillar of the Administration’s economic plan – empowering the private sector to invest in workforce development and training programs.