President Biden’s Speech in Maryland Will Make Contrast Clear Between Bidenomics and MAGAnomics

Bidenomics has turbocharged our clean energy economy and lowered costs, MAGAnomics will kill jobs and raise costs on working families. 

Washington, DC – Today, President Biden will make the contrast clear between Bidenomics and MAGAnomics in Maryland: Bidenomics is delivering good paying jobs and lowering costs for families, while MAGAnomics and their extreme government agenda will raise costs on working families and pad the pockets of Big Oil CEOs. 

President Biden has made climate and clean energy a critical part of his Bidenomics agenda. Since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, his clean energy plan has created over 170,600 new clean energy jobs and counting across 44 states – amounting to $278 billion in new investments. It’s an economic catalyst for local economies across the country, creating clean energy projects across wind, solar, and EV industries and jobs for thousands of communities left behind. Meanwhile, MAGA extremists are threatening a government shutdown and are voting today to kill our clean energy boom by taking consumer choice from Americans—all in service to their Big Oil allies.  

It’s clear who’s fighting for working families and their bottom lines: President Biden.