Qcells Expansion in Georgia Illustrates Bipartisan Support for Clean Energy

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The historic climate law continues to be an economic boon for communities across the country that no one—including the GOP—can ignore. As MAGA House Republicans plan to undo and investigate the popular clean energy investments found in the Inflation Reduction Act, we’re seeing yet another multi-billion dollar clean energy investment bring clean energy manufacturing to the U.S. today. Qcells, a solar manufacturing company, announced a $2.5 billion expansion in Georgia that was touted by both Sens. Ossoff and Warnock and Gov. Kemp, showing that out in the real world clean energy continues to be a bipartisan political winner. In addition to today’s primary announcement, the company indicated it is also seeking to build out a domestic supply chain for silicon products.  

The GOP’s response to clean energy job expansion is a stark cry from years ago, when national Republicans refused to tout clean energy investments. In addition to Gov. Kemp celebrating the over 2,500 jobs being created in his state, House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who represents the area where Qcells is expanding, is commending the announcement, even though she voted against the Inflation Reduction Act, and has been a climate denier.

Since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, there have been nearly 100 new clean energy business announcements across 29 states, totaling to over $90 billion being invested to create nearly 100,000 clean energy jobs. Estimates show that this is only the beginning, with the climate law set to create nearly 10 million jobs over the next decade.