Ramaswamy Doubles Down on Climate Lies Instead of Action as Florida Stares Down Hurricane Idalia

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In an MSNBC interview today, presidential candidate and climate denier Vivek Ramaswamy doubled down on his ongoing history of climate change denial, downplaying the deaths caused by climate change-related extreme weather when asked about Hurricane Idalia. In response, Climate Power Deputy Executive Director Claire Moser released the following statement: 

“Ramaswamy and his fellow GOP candidates are lying through their teeth trying to deny the impacts of climate change while millions of people are facing deadly extreme weather fueled by the climate crisis. Not only are these lies dangerous, they’re a political liability. These comments are nonsense, and every candidate needs to be on the record about where they stand and what they would do to prevent future weather disasters like Hurricane Idalia.”

Watch the clip HERE

Just to state the obvious: Ramaswamy’s comments are completely false – last year, there were 474 direct or indirect fatalities due to 18 extreme weather events that cost $1 billion or more.