REPORT CARD: Trump Gets an F in Arizona; In November, He’ll Get an L

Washington, D.C. – Ahead of Arizona’s primary, we’re here to remind you that Donald Trump failed Arizona families and the economy as president. His anti-worker and climate-denier agenda hurt Arizona’s burgeoning clean energy economy and threatened the health of communities across the state. Trump repealed clean car standards that would have saved families money at the pump and protected wages for workers across the nation. The cancellation was estimated to cost Arizona over $404 million per year. Families in Arizona can’t afford another Trump presidency. 

“Donald Trump’s presidency was a disaster for Arizona, gutting policies that lower energy costs and keep our air and water clean,” said Climate Power communications director Alex Glass. “Arizona is on the frontlines of the climate crisis – the heatwaves in 2023 caused hundreds of heat-related deaths. Arizonans need a leader who will confront the climate crisis, and thanks to President Biden’s clean energy plan, Arizona has become a hub for clean energy projects – creating a cleaner environment and bringing good paying jobs to the state.” 

FAIL:  Trump’s clean cars regulations repeal was estimated to cost Arizonans over $404 million annually. If elected, Trump would further reverse clean energy economic progress, as he promised to end tax credits for U.S.-manufactured EVs.

FAIL: Trump imposed tariffs on solar energy, tried to eliminate the electric vehicle tax credit, and either delayed or ended renewable energy projects’ leasing and planning processes. Arizona is one of the sunniest states in the nation and ranks second in solar energy potential. 

FAIL: From 2011 to 2017, mercury emissions in Arizona decreased by more than 87%, and the Mercury and Air Toxics Standard prevented 35 deaths in Arizona in 2016 alone. Despite these improvements, the Trump administration canceled limits on the amount of mercury and other toxic emissions that were allowed from power plants, threatening the health of Arizonans.