REPORT CARD: Trump Gets an F in Michigan; In November, He’ll Get an L

Washington, D.C. – Ahead of today’s Michigan primary, we’re here to remind you that Donald Trump failed Michigan families and the economy as President. His anti-worker and climate-denier agenda cost families jobs and made Michigan’s air and water dirtier, threatening the health of communities across the state. Trump rolled back clean cars standards that would have saved families money at the pump and protected wages for workers across the nation. The rollback was estimated to cost Michiganders over $745 million per year. Families in Michigan can’t afford another Trump presidency. 

“President Trump was a disaster for Michigan, and if elected, he’ll wreak havoc on jobs and the environment once again. During his presidency, GM lost 3,500 workers in 2017 alone and closed five plants across the country. Trump didn’t bat an eye,” said Climate Power communications director Alex Glass. “Another four years for Trump would mean more Michigan families losing wages and paying more at the pump. In contrast, UAW has thrown its weight behind President Biden, whose record as a labor champion and job creator is indisputable.” 

FAIL: Trump’s policy actions cost Americans 1.1. million clean energy jobs and threatened Michigan’s auto manufacturing jobs. During Trump’s first year in office, motor vehicle and parts manufacturing employment in the U.S. declined from 788,900 to 783,200. 

FAIL: Despite Trump’s 2016 campaign pledge not to let a single Michigan auto plant close, GM announced it would end production at five North American plants in 2018.

FAIL: Six counties, Allegan, Berrien, Macomb, Muskegon, St. Clair, and Wayne, received F grades for the number of high-ozone days under Trump. Wayne County received an F grade for particle pollution and has seen an increase in the average number of high particle pollution days since 2018.

FAIL: During Trump’s presidency, Michigan endured multiple billion-dollar climate disasters that killed 28 people and caused at least $39.3 billion in total damages. Even so, Trump continued to deny climate change and its real, dangerous impacts on American families. 

FAIL: Trump blocked action to make polluters pay for cleaning up toxic chemicals that have been found in water supplies across the state. These “forever” chemicals are linked to cancer and other diseases. 

FAIL: Trump’s climate denial threatened Michigan’s agriculture industry, which employs nearly a quarter of the state’s entire workforce and contributes over $100 billion annually to the state economy. 

BY CONTRAST: President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan is spurring investment across Michigan. Since President Biden passed the Clean Energy Plan, companies have announced 30 new clean energy projects in Michigan, creating over 16,600 new clean energy jobs and driving $21.3 billion in investments. President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan is expected to bring $8.3 billion of new investment in large-scale clean power generation and storage by 2030. In Michigan’s rural communities, two new clean energy projects have spurred $2.41 billion in investment dollars, creating over 2,300 good-paying clean energy jobs. Just last week, the Biden administration announced a new $166 million loan to spur production of lithium-ion batteries. The money will go in part to a plant in Michigan.

If Trump is elected, he has promised to gut policies that are benefiting Michigan families now, including ending tax credits for U.S.-manufactured electric vehicles, policies that are driving  $11.2 billion in new investment and creating nearly 15,000 new jobs in the state’s EV and battery industries, and over $23 million in federal funding that is helping build Michigan’s EV charging network.