REPORT CARD: Trump Gets an F in Pennsylvania; In November, He’ll Get an L

Washington, D.C. – As Trump visits the Keystone State this weekend, we want to remind you how Trump’s pro-polluter agenda harmed Pennsylvania communities by giving polluters free rein to contaminate the state’s air and water. During his time in office, Donald Trump deregulated coal-burning power plants, allowing harmful coal ash to pollute Pennsylvania’s water. Earlier this week, President Joe Biden’s administration announced the first-ever limits on forever chemicals in our drinking water — ensuring that Pennsylvania families are safer from toxic contaminants. This announcement is the latest in a string of actions taken by President Biden to protect our water and air. 

“Donald Trump gave polluters an all-access pass to our air and water — gutting environmental protections and, enriching Big Oil at the expense of our health,” said Climate Power’s communications director Alex Glass. “There’s no doubt that if Trump gets elected, he’ll reverse President Biden’s actions on air and water safety. A second Donald Trump presidency will dirty our air and water, and endanger Americans’ lives.”

FAIL: In 2019, the Trump administration released a series of proposed changes, loosening regulations of coal-powered plants and the disposal of coal ash, which threatens drinking water quality. 

FAIL: Trump repealed the Clean Power Plan to allow coal power plants to continue polluting our air, and during his administration, the U.S. saw 15% more days with unhealthy air than under President Obama. The effects of these gutted protections continued to make Pennsylvania air unsafe for years. According to the American Lung Association’s 2023 State of the Air Report – which looks at data from 2019, 2020, and 2021 – the Philadelphia metropolitan area ranked 46th worst for annual particle pollution, and the Pittsburgh metropolitan area ranked 14th worst for annual particle pollution.  

FAIL: Trump’s environmental policies particularly hurt communities of color, and as of  2019, Chester Residents Concerned for Quality Living were still fighting against pollution from industrial waste facilities in the Philadelphia area. 

FAIL: While in office, Trump tried to eliminate the electric vehicle tax credit. Trump’s clean car rollback was estimated to cost Pennsylvanians $610 million a year at the pump. 

FAIL: Donald Trump’s climate-denier agenda failed to address the increase in natural disaster events and lack of weather preparedness in Pennsylvania. During Trump’s presidency, Pennsylvania saw 16 billion-dollar disaster events, and in August 2020 Hurricane Isaias caused severe flooding in Pennsylvania that the state struggled to combat. Bucks County, where Donald Trump is visiting this weekend, is suing the fossil fuel industry for causing climate disasters.