Republicans Mock Climate Solutions As Constituents Weather Record Heat Wave

Washington, D.C. – Republicans have decided that doubling down on climate denial in the midst of a deadly, historic heat wave and other extreme weather is a winning strategy ahead of a tough election in 2024. Voters – millions of whom have weathered 100+ degree weather for weeks – may find that a tough sell. Laughing in the face of constituents doesn’t usually poll well. In fact, even a majority of Republican voters say that climate-fueled extreme weather events are now a kitchen table issue in their households. 

Whether Republicans in Congress want to acknowledge it or not, heat waves and other climate change-fueled extreme weather events are hurting families and pushing costs up, and voters are concerned. Climate change and extreme weather are getting worse because Big Oil and their MAGA allies consistently attack climate solutions and clean energy investments. 

Communities deserve to know how their leaders are failing them at this moment. The GOP must be held accountable for denying the existence of climate change and obstructing clean energy investments that lower costs and families can rely on during extreme weather events.