Tonight, Senator Manchin dropped a bombshell by announcing his refusal to support a climate bill. Manchin condemned everyone to a broken planet. He walked away from the biggest climate investments in history that would have put us on the path to solving the climate crisis and cutting pollution in half by 2030. Without the policies Manchin could have helped pass, the U.S. is on track to reduce emissions by only 24%-35% by 2030, numbers that fall far short of President Biden’s goal. 

Manchin’s decision comes at a time when large swaths of the country are experiencing extreme weather caused by climate change:

Manchin, who has taken more money from oil and gas than any other member in the last year, prefers to live in a world where Big Oil collects record-breaking profits and shatters the planet at the expense of working people. 

The climate movement rose up this evening to express their outrage, and will continue to call out lawmakers who are blind to the crisis at hand, and the steps we must take to build a better world run by clean energy. 

Reactions to Manchin’s cowardice from climate leaders: 

Lori Lodes, Climate Power Executive Director

“Joe Manchin has taken more money from oil and gas than any other member of Congress in the last year. Now, he’s condemned our kids and grandkids to a worse future. Just as the oil and gas companies hoped he would.”

John Podesta, Founder of Climate Power and Center For American Progress

“It seems odd that Sen. Manchin would choose as his legacy to be the one man who single-handedly doomed humanity. But we can’t throw in the towel on the planet. Now it’s more important than ever that President Biden use all his authority to fiercely fight for the future.”

Sen. Ed Markey: 

“Let me be clear—unless Congress takes bold and necessary action on climate change—a livable future is lost. Young people have acted bravely and relentlessly in defense of not just our planet, but their very lives. Another world is possible. We must have the courage to deliver it.”

Christy Goldfuss, Center for American Progress Senior Vice President: 

“We lost two years of the most pro-climate president in history to appease a fossil fuel puppet. The only good news here is that the @POTUS can lead as he sees fit. Yes, @Sen_JoeManchin your 15 mins is up. I just hope it isn’t too late for the rest of us.”

Leah Stokes, Senior Policy Advisor, Evergreen Action and Associate Professor, UC Santa Barbara: 

“Manchin says he won’t support the climate bill. I’m holding my children and sobbing. I don’t know how Manchin will look his own grandchildren in the eyes tonight. He is condemning them to a broken planet. Shameful doesn’t begin to describe it.”

Tiernan Sittenfeld, League of Conservation Voters Senior Vice President for Government Affairs:  

“There truly aren’t words for how appalled, outraged, and disappointed we are. Senator Manchin had every opportunity to stand up for climate, jobs and justice, and save families money when they need it most, but instead he is choosing to stand with polluters. We urge him to reconsider – our children’s future depends on it.”

Patrick Gaspard, Center for American Progress President:

“This turn of the knife by Senator Manchin against the climate provisions in reconciliation will have tragic implications well beyond US borders and well into the next generation of life on earth. This is nothing short of horrific.”

Varshini Prakash, Sunrise Movement Executive Director: 

“God my heart is shattered in a million pieces. I can’t even process the inhumanity. Again and again, these people look at their children and grandchildren and willingly pass on a violent and cruel world.

To the young people who gave so much to save our future – I love you. You have shown courage and waged love and you should know that there is no failure in your striving. The world has changed in wondrous ways through your actions – even if you can’t always see it.

I’m heartbroken, but I will not give up. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. That’s a promise.”

Bill McKibben: 

“Manchin has taken more money from the fossil fuel industry than anyone else in DC

And the return on that investment has been enormous. Big Oil got its money worth a thousand times over.”

Natural Resources Defense Council: 

“The House did its job. Tonight, Senator Manchin ended the Senate’s chance to act on climate.

The climate crisis is inflicting rising costs and mounting dangers across this nation and around the world. It is not too late to act. We only hope one Senator reconsiders.”

Jamal Raad, Evergreen Action

“Senator Joe Manchin has written his legacy: blocking our best shot at a transition to affordable, American clean energy and a liveable planet. Senator Manchin has betrayed the American public and the mandate given to the Democratic Senate to act on climate.

Sen. Brian Schatz:

“It is time for the executive branch to take action on climate.”

Liz Perera, Sierra Club:

“Manchin has killed any chance climate action in Congress. It’s time for President Biden 

@POTUS to use all executive powers to address climate change. It’s now our only hope to save our Children’s future.”

Rep Jared Huffman: 

“It’s important that every young person, every activist, the majorities of this country who are demanding climate action understand very clearly this is not the Democrats. This is one man named Joe Manchin,” 

Sen. Ron Wyden

“I’m not going to sugar coat my disappointment here, especially since nearly all issues in the climate and energy space had been resolved. This is our last chance to prevent the most catastrophic—and costly—effects of climate change. We can’t come back in another decade and forestall hundreds of billions—if not trillions—in economic damage and undo the inevitable human toll.”

Sen. Jeff Merkeley

“President Biden must immediately use the full scope of his executive powers to address climate chaos, starting by declaring a climateEmergency.”