Senator Johnson Casts Doubt on Climate Science, While Lt. Gov. Barnes Highlights Pro-Climate Record & Plans to Help Wisconsinites

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Tonight, during the first debate in Wisconsin’s Senate race, the differences between Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes and Senator Ron Johnson were crystal clear. Johnson once again sowed doubt about the reality of climate change, while  Lieutenant Governor Barnes provided solutions to address the climate crisis, lower energy costs for Wisconsin residents, and create good-paying manufacturing jobs in the booming clean energy sector. 

Senator Johnson has a record of denying the facts when it’s convenient for him. Here is a fact check of some of his most outlandish comments tonight:

While Johnson spread disinformation to deflect from his record of climate denial and inaction, Barnes presented voters with clear solutions for how he plans to tackle the climate crisis, lower energy costs, and expand clean energy jobs in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin voters are concerned about the climate crisis and want leaders at every level to do more to address this crisis.