Senator Johnson Tries to Run from His Job-Killing Record during Second Debate against Mandela Barnes, State Treasurer Calls Him Out

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Last night, during the second debate in Wisconsin’s Senate race, the differences between Senator Ron Johnson and challenger Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes were once again crystal clear. Johnson came out flailing, falsely claiming a “war on fossil fuels” while saying very little about his plans to lower costs for Wisconsinites, secure energy independence, or create jobs in the state. In fact, when asked specifically what he would do to tackle rising costs Johnson couldn’t give an answer. 

Following the debate, State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski issued the following statement calling out Senator Johnson’s record:  

“Senator Ron Johnson has time and time again put his Big Oil donors ahead of the working people of Wisconsin. During his time in the Senate, he has voted to expand fossil fuels and enrich oil and gas executives and their shareholders, while leaving Wisconsinites behind. This is not only catastrophic for our climate – it’s bad for our economy. By blocking clean energy, Johnson is taking away good-paying job opportunities for Wisconsin workers and forcing us to remain dependent on pricey foreign oil. The billions and billions of dollars we spend each year importing oil can – and should – stay in our state. Mandela Barnes’ commitment to expanding clean energy means thousands of new good-paying jobs.” 

Johnson, who has taken $753,247 from Big Oil over the course of his career,  seems far more concerned about fossil fuel executives than working Wisconsinites. Johnson has voted against climate action and clean energy at least 30 times during his time in the Senate, killing jobs in Wisconsin while keeping the state dependent on foreign oil