SHOT/CHASER: Biden Saves Consumers $1 Billion; Trump Begs Oil CEOs for $1 Billion

President Biden is saving Americans money at the car dealership; Trump is making closed-door deals with Big Oil billionaires to line his campaign coffers

Washington, D.C. – President Biden’s clean energy plan is lowering energy costs and putting money back in the pockets of hardworking Americans. This morning, the administration’s EV rebate hit an important milestone: more than $1 billion in savings for over 150,000 electric vehicle buyers. 

Where else have we seen $1 billion in the news recently? When news broke of Donald Trump’s closed door meeting with oil and gas CEOs where he asked them to raise him $1 billion. 

President Biden is focused on lowering costs for everyday Americans. Donald Trump is focused on helping out his Big Oil donors while working people pick up the tab. 

SHOT: Americans save $1 billion at the car dealership thanks to President Biden.

CHASER: Donald Trump asks Big Oil CEOs to raise him $1 billion and promises to gut the clean energy plan – including incentives that benefit consumers.