SOTU Response: Arizona’s Clean Energy Boom At Risk if Donald Trump and  MAGA Republicans Get Their Way

Washington, D.C. — On the heels of tonight’s State of the Union address, a new Climate Power  report reveals that Arizona has seen 22 new clean energy projects since 2022, resulting in  14,100 new clean energy jobs and more than $10 billion in new investments.  

“President Biden’s clean energy plan continues to accelerate economic growth in Arizona while  lowering energy costs for families across the state,” said Aaron Marquez, executive director for  VetsForward. “The President’s State of the Union address only heightened our resolve to  ensure we elect leaders in November who will move us forward on clean energy and refuse to  go backwards.”  

At tonight’s State of the Union, President Biden mentioned the tens of thousands of clean  energy jobs created here in America. “The middle class built this country, and unions built the  middle class,” the President said. He highlighted his launching of the American Climate Corps,  which will put 20,000 young people to work at the forefront of our clean energy future. As the  President noted in his address, his Administration has taken the most significant climate action  in American history, including removing poisonous lead pipes so that every child can drink clean  water and ending tax breaks for Big Oil. Unlike Trump and MAGA Republicans, President Biden  is confronting the climate crisis—not denying it. 

Since Climate Power’s last Clean Energy Boom Report was released in November 2023,  companies have invested an additional $42 billion in clean energy projects across the country,  creating over 60,000 new jobs across 214 new projects. While a majority of projects fall into  GOP districts, including several Arizona districts, Donald Trump and his MAGA Congressional  Republican allies are dead set on rolling back the incentives that make this job growth possible. 

Despite their repeated attempts to derail President Biden’s clean energy plan, much of  Arizona’s Republican Congressional delegation continues to see huge gains in their districts in  both clean energy jobs and investments. For example:  

● In Arizona’s 5th Congressional District, one new clean energy project has created 2,800  jobs and brought $5.6 billion in investments, despite Rep. Andy Biggs’ opposition to the  Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).  

● In Arizona’s 6th Congressional District, three new clean energy projects are creating 245  jobs. Yet, before assuming office in 2023, Rep. Juan Ciscomani stated he opposed the  IRA, incorrectly claiming it would raise taxes without helping inflation.  

● And Arizona’s 8th Congressional District has attracted at least one new clean energy  project with $559 million in investment. Rep. Debbie Lesko voted against the clean  energy plan, naming the legislation the “Inflation Expansion Act” that would make the  lives of Americans worse. 

“All across the state, in blue and red districts, families are already reaping the rewards of the  President’s clean energy plan, which has marked huge strides in energy efficiency and clean  energy technology,” Marquez added. “These innovations and investments are the bedrock of a  more sustainable and economically robust Arizona, ensuring that the state continues to thrive  for generations to come.”