SUPER POLLUTER: Trump’s Dismal Climate Record

Washington, D.C. – Ahead of voting that will further cement Donald Trump as the GOP nominee for president, we’re here to remind you that Trump’s time in office was marked by extreme climate denial, cozy relationships with Big Oil executives and lobbyists, and systematic gutting of crucial climate legislation that would have saved lives, cut costs, and created jobs. As Trump’s candidacy becomes inevitable, voters must be reminded of the sharp contrast between President Joe Biden’s climate accomplishments, and Donald Trump’s disastrous record – which Americans soundly reject. 

“While Donald Trump’s hold on the GOP was never in doubt, voters across America reject his climate denial and his record of cozying up to Big Oil CEOs,” said Climate Power communications director Alex Glass. “Many Americans are just tuning into the 2024 election – and the more they hear about Donald Trump’s record, the less they like it. President Biden’s clean energy plan has created over 271,000 jobs, is lowering energy costs, and making our air and water cleaner, a winning contrast in November.”

Here’s what you need to remember as polls close:

Trump denied climate science and withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Trump filled his administration with fossil fuel lobbyists and climate deniers. 

Trump rolled back more than 100 environmental protections. 

Trump launched a war on the nation’s clean energy economy that cost jobs and stunted growth. 

Trump repealed the Clean Power Plan, allowing toxic coal power plants to make our air dirtier.

Trump rolled back clean car standards, making our air dirtier with dangerous tailpipe emissions.