The Biden Administration’s Strong Standards on Climate Pollution from Cars Will Make Our Communities Healthier—And Turbocharge our EV Supply Chain

WASHINGTON, DC — Following the Biden administration’s announcement of the nation’s strongest rules aimed at lowering harmful climate emissions from vehicles, Lori Lodes, Executive Director of Climate Power, released the following statement: 

“While congressional MAGA Republicans are wasting their time and taxpayer dollars attacking climate investments and good jobs in their communities, the Biden Administration is investing in American workers and our clean energy future.

“The transportation sector is the biggest contributor to climate pollution. That’s why it is critical that we invest in cleaner cars and Made in America electric vehicles. Today’s new standards will put us on the path to meeting our climate goals and cut planet warming pollution, while putting good paying jobs in the hands of Americans, and saving families $12,000.”

Efforts to cut climate pollution from the transportation sector will drastically change the health and well being of communities. A study from Harvard found that transitioning to EVs will drastically lower air pollution illnesses and deaths. Additionally, according to the American Lung Association, transitioning to electric vehicles will result in 100,000 fewer deaths, 2.8 million fewer asthma attacks, and 13.4 million fewer sick days by 2050.