This Week in Climate & Clean Energy Wins: Week of 10/7

DATE: October 7, 2022
CONTACT: Erik Mebust,

The Biden administration and private sector announced billions of dollars more in new clean energy programs and facilities this week. A series of new reports found that the transition to clean energy is proceeding even faster than expected because of the Inflation Reduction Act’s historic investments. Credit Suisse said the bill would power a total of $1.7 trillion in private and public sector clean energy spending, leaving the U.S. “poised to become the world’s leading energy provider.”

A series of electric vehicles announcements this week demonstrated the speed of the transformation. Battleground states like Michigan saw a sweep of new factories, including a $1.6 billion investment in a new battery factory. GM announced it would nearly double production of the Chevy Bolt in expectation that it will qualify for IRA consumer tax credits, and Rivian announced it was on track to more than double its EV production from Q2 to Q4 in order to meet their yearly goal. 

Supporting this incredible private sector growth was a series of new program announcements from the Biden administration. The Department of Energy announced $400 million in funding for basic research to advance clean energy and environmental goals. They also advanced the process of boosting domestic clean energy production by invoking the Defense Production Act for clean energy manufacturing, a key priority for President Biden as gas prices begin to rise again.

While Democrats’ investments in climate and clean energy helped make these wins possible, Republicans in Congress continue to deny climate change’s existence and vote against climate legislation. This contrast will weigh on voters’ minds when they reach the polls this November. 

Private sector wins:

Michigan Lures $1.6 Billion Battery Factory in Fight for EV Jobs [Bloomberg, 10/5/2022]

Rivian reports progress resolving logistics issues, on track to more than double its production to meet its yearly EV production goal. [Bloomberg, 10/4/2022]

EV charging company launches its first US manufacturing facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan. [CBS Detroit, 10/4/2022]

GM to boost EV Chevrolet Bolt production. [Reuters, 10/3/2022]

Opening of new Oregon facility shows future of wind-solar-storage facilities powered by the Inflation Reduction Act. [UtilityDive, 10/5/2022]

New reports:

Credit Suisse report predicts Inflation Reduction Act will ensure exponential growth of clean energy and drive climate action across the American economy. [The Atlantic, 10/5/2022]

The Inflation Reduction Act will drive increased investment in wind energy around the world. [Wood Mackenzie, 10/3/2022]

A new report says Solar Is Now 33% Cheaper Than Gas Power in the US, Wind is 44% Cheaper. [Bloomberg, 10/3/2022]

A new report finds Manhattan’s EV-Charging Sites Now Outnumber Gas Stations 10 to 1. [Bloomberg, 10/3/2022]

Administration announcements:

Treasury Issued Six Notices Requesting Public Input On Climate,Clean Energy Tax Incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act. [Department of the Treasury, 10/5/2022]

DOE Announces $400 Million in Research Funding To Advance Frontiers of Energy And Environmental Science. [Department of Energy press release, 10/4/2022]

DOE advances Defense Production Act use for clean energy. [The Hill, 10/3/2022]

State and local announcements:

Hawaiian Electric Battery Bonus Program keeps grid running, demonstrates viability of distributed energy resources as a grid service. [Canary, 10/5/22]

Michigan awarded incentives to two new battery projects. [Bloomberg, 10/5/2022]