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$20 Million24$275 Million
The amount of funding granted to a PA electric company to build a facility to manufacture components for EVs.The number of states expected to achieve their climate goals for the first time thanks to President Biden’s clean energy plan.Federal funding was announced for seven projects seeking to strengthen clean energy supply chains.

This week in private sector news, big-name companies made groundbreaking headway on clean energy projects. As the airline industry remains one of the most significant contributors to air pollution, American Airlines is working with startup company Graphyte to remove carbon from the atmosphere. American Airlines purchased credits equivalent to 10,000 tons of permanent carbon removal from the company, with delivery scheduled for early 2025. Google announced a new advanced geothermal project in Nevada – pumping carbon-free electricity to power Google data centers across the state. The move is a major milestone that could make way for future clean energy expansion. 

According to a new report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are projected to decline by 3% in 2023 due to the transition from coal-fired power plants to renewable sources like solar energy. For the first time, 24 states are expected to hit their climate goals thanks to Biden’s historic clean energy plan. In the U.S., electric vehicle (EV) sales are on track to make up 9% of new car sales – and factors like full inventories and lowering consumer prices indicate the best time for Americans to invest in an EV.

President Biden traveled to Colorado to visit a CS Wind manufacturing facility, highlighting the jobs and economic opportunities Bidenomics is bringing to the state. Earlier this year, CS Wind attributed the $200 million expansion of their Pueblo facility to President Biden’s championed clean energy package. The Department of Energy (DOE) announced nearly $14 million in funding for nonprofits to bring residential solar and battery storage projects to vulnerable communities in Puerto Rico. DOE also announced $275 million for seven projects to strengthen clean energy supply chains. These initiatives are expected to create 1,500 good-paying jobs.

Lastly, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer celebrated a clean energy milestone by signing the Clean Energy Future Plan, which includes a historic emissions-reduction plan. Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs held an event that highlighted the state’s clean energy commitments and lauded federal funding that has spurred the state’s clean energy economy, bringing 13,000 good-paying jobs to Arizonans. And, a Pennsylvania electric company received $20 million from DOE to build a manufacturing facility specializing in components for the electric grid and EVs.

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