This Week in Climate & Clean Energy Wins: Week of 12/15

DATE: December 15, 2022
CONTACT: Eden Alem, 

Thank you for reading our Weekly Wins roundup of clean energy achievements! This edition will be our last newsletter rounding up clean energy wins for the year. But don’t worry, we’ll start back up again next year. Have a happy and safe holiday season! 

This Week in Climate & Clean Energy Wins: Week of 12/15:

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130,000$325 million  100%
The number of homes powered annually through Stellanis and DTE Energy’s new  solar projects. The Biden Administration’s latest investment in 71 pilot climate projects under the Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities, bringing their total investment in the program to over $3.1 billion.The percent cost covered for heat pumps in low-income households through Inflation Reduction Act incentives.

The Biden Administration was busy this week securing climate wins, announcing over $325 million in new investments for climate programs under the Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities, bringing their total investment to over $3.1 billion. The Department of Energy also announced a $2.5 billion loan to jump-start three lithium battery manufacturing hubs in Ohio, Tennessee, and Michigan, and announced plans to award $3.5 billion in prize money over the next five years for regional hubs aimed to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The Treasury Department and the IRS issued new guidance on tax credits, incentivizing at-home production for electric vehicles, and the Administration is advancing on their wind projects goal for 2025 to limit reliance on fossil fuels. Yesterday, the Department of Energy announced a major scientific breakthrough this week in the pursuit of abundant zero-carbon, a decades-long, multibillion-dollar study spanning back to the 1950s. In major news, the administration released its Inflation Reduction Act Guidebook, aimed at helping governments at all levels unlock the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act, including its climate incentives.  

The world’s largest energy companies made commitments that will create 600 jobs in Arizona and Texas, manufacture over 1 million EV chargers in the next three years,  and produce enough in solar projects to power 130,000 homes annually. A new report outlines how the Inflation Reduction Act incentivizes energy upgrades and lowers costs for American homeowners, and state utilities are repurposing coal plants for clean energy use and training everyday Americans for over 3,200 jobs in the clean energy sector

The world’s largest energy companies continue to make new commitments to solar projects and EV manufacturing, and several are joining an industry-led initiative to assess the use of clean hydrogen fuels: 

A new report detailed how the Inflation Reduction Act incentivizes energy upgrades and lowers costs for American homeowners: 

The Biden Administration announced over $2.8 billion in investments and loans for climate projects and battery manufacturing, issued new guidance on tax credits that will incentivize at-home production of EVs, released the first edition of the Inflation Reduction Act Guidebook, and announced a major scientific breakthrough in the pursuit of unlimited, clean power: 

On the state level, Michigan is exploring repurposing coal plants to clean energy and New Jersey is offering job training for over 3,200 new jobs in the clean energy sector: