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The amount of funding announced by the Biden Administration to spur domestic electric heat pump manufacturing projects.The amount companies have invested in clean energy projects since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, according to Climate Power. The amount of jobs that will be created in Jackson, Tennessee at 6K Energy’s plasma plant, which is the world’s first UniMelt® plasma cathode plant. 

Panasonic is considering building an EV battery plant in Oklahoma, and 6K Energy, which produces advanced plasma cathode systems, is poised to bring the world’s first plasma plant to Jackson, Tennessee. Despite Republican state leaders’ reluctance to encourage EV purchases or acknowledge that efforts to combat the climate crisis are driving their state’s economy, Georgia is emerging as the nation’s center for EV manufacturing. And in another show of international leadership, the Inflation Reduction Act’s generous clean energy tax credits are encouraging European companies to invest in the U.S. 

According to Climate Power’s latest Clean Energy Boom Report, clean energy projects in 41 states have announced and advanced 142,016 new jobs since August 16th, 2022. 

The Biden Administration announced $250 million in funding for electric heat pump manufacturing after invoking the Defense Production Act (DPA) last year to increase domestic production of clean energy. The Administration also continues to award innovative climate project funding across the country, announcing $3 million for the development of new clean energy strategies in Ohio. Secretary Granholm served as the Head of Delegation for the Energy Track of the G7 Ministers’ Meeting on Climate, Energy, and the Environment, where the delegation made an unprecedented commitment to phase out fossil fuels in an accelerated approach toward achieving  2050 net-zero goals. Biden signed an executive order aimed at addressing higher pollution burdens faced by frontline communities. 

Lastly, California welcomed Vice President Harris, who toured the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator designed to support clean-energy startups and innovative climate technology. The Vice President praised efforts to provide skills training to support the clean energy transition. In a big week for Wisconsin, Governor Tony Evers signed an executive order to create a new clean energy fund, and the GSA Administrator announced $30 million in funding to boost sustainable construction projects in the state. These funds are already being invested in plans like those developed by Johnson Controls, expected to reduce emissions by about 1,600 metric tons annually.

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