$13 Billion 70,000 $1 Billion 
The amount of clean energy project investments in March across 18 states, according to E2’s new report. The number of homes and small businesses expected to be powered by the DOI’s most recent wind energy project, currently being constructed in federal waters.The amount of federal funding the Biden Administration has set aside for farmers and rural economies to invest in renewable energy systems.

This week, companies are leveraging the Inflation Reduction Act to continue advancing electric vehicles and developing other renewable energy projects. Specifically, Ford announced its full lineup of EVs is eligible for tax credits, while Stellantis and BMW are in talks with Panasonic to build a new EV battery plant. Developers are also investing in projects that turn crops and agricultural waste into low-carbon energy

A new report from E2 shows that 28 new large-scale clean energy projects were announced last month, amounting to $13 billion in investments and bringing at least 9,500 jobs across 18 states in the US.

In a visit to Qcells solar panel factory outside Atlanta, Vice President Harris announced the largest community solar effort in U.S. history, enough to power 140,000 homes and businesses in three states. The Administration announced $450 million in funding for as many as five new clean energy projects at coal mines. The White House also shared a guidebook on Tuesday that lays out Tribal eligibility for grants and programs included in the clean energy plan, which provides $720 million in funding for Tribal lands and native communities. The Department of the Interior announced it would begin construction for commercial-scale offshore wind energy projects in federal waters, expecting to generate enough energy to power over 70,000 homes and businesses at full capacity. Biden also announced $1 billion in funding to help farmers and rural businesses invest in renewable energy.

At the state level, Maryland is seeing clean energy investments from Pivot and Chaberton, resulting in four new solar projects expected to transact 21 MW across the portfolios and providing millions in consumer energy savings. Maine received $3 million in federal funding that will be used to update the state’s climate action plan, Maine Won’t Wait. Nebraska also received a $3 million investment from the administration to build the clean energy economy.

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