This Week in Climate & Clean Energy Wins: Week of 8/21/23


$1.2 Billion250,000$12 Billion
The amount Northvolt has raised to build new domestic lithium-ion battery factories, driven by Inflation Reduction Act incentives. The amount of good-paying, manufacturing  jobs projected to be created in the next two years due to federal incentivesThe amount of capital investments in the U.S. solar sector in 2022.

This week in private sector news, the nation’s largest renewable energy project broke ground at Dulles International Airport – consisting of a solar, battery storage and EV initiative that’s estimated to produce enough energy to power 37,500 homes. Driven by incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act, Northvolt has raised $1.2 billion to build new lithium-ion battery factories in the U.S., marking the first time the company has shared concrete plans to build in North America. Public Storage is underway on plans to capitalize on 150 million square feet of vacant rooftop space – set to install panels on 1,000 additional roofs by 2025. 

A new poll found that 74% of Americans agreeing that climate change has played a role in this summer’s extreme weather. With more than half of Americans living in affected areas, the disconnect between the GOP and voters on the issue of climate change grows. The World Weather Attribution study found that climate change is making dangerous fire-prone conditions more likely. America’s EV charging network is expanding far and wide, with more than 1,200 charging stations added to Route 50 in the last year – making the longest interstate in the country EV-ready. Federal incentives and investment in green technology sectors are expected to result in the creation of 250,000 good-paying American manufacturing jobs over the next two years.

The Biden Administration continues to support the booming clean energy economy, pledging their support for renewable initiatives that are bringing good-paying jobs to Americans. President Biden recently approved a 704 megawatt offshore wind project by Revolution Wind off the coasts of Rhode Island and Connecticut. The Department of Interior (DOI) announced the approval of the Revolution Wind project, which is expected to produce enough energy to power nearly 250,000 homes and create 1,200 local jobs during the construction phase. The Department Of Energy (DOE) also released a report finding that wind power continues to be one of the fastest growing and cost-effective energy sources in the country – second only to solar, which represented over $12 billion in investments in 2022. DOE announced $30 million in funding to help lower the cost of onshore critical materials production, which are essential to the growing clean energy manufacturing sector.

Lastly, the University of Pittsburgh partnered with Vesper Energy to create one of the largest solar projects in western Pennsylvania this week. In Wisconsin, Siemens announced plans to start manufacturing photovoltaic string inverters in the state to expand solar power in the U.S. In Michigan, Consumers Energy is working with 11 school districts to put all-electric school buses on the roads and Nexteer Automotive and Northstar Clean Energy are partnering up to create their first-ever solar field in the state. 

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