WASHINGTON, D.C. – Things are heating up in Palm Beach as Donald Trump once again finds himself in the middle of the biggest news story in the world. After years of poor decisions, things are reaching a boiling point at Mar-a-Lago and Donald Trump is in unprecedented hot water.

Florida’s record high water temperatures are part of an alarming trend of record breaking temperature increases around the world. This week, water temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico reached 96+ degrees.

“This dramatic development puts all Americans at risk.  Every Republican in the country, and certainly those running for president, should be asked what they are proposing to do about the situation in Florida,” said Climate Power Deputy Managing Director of Communications Christina Polizzi. “For a planet of this age, this is a life sentence. The heat being brought down on Mar-a-Lago and the surrounding waters should continue to receive the attention it deserves as the biggest news story in the world.”