Trump is Out of Court and Courting Big Oil

HOUSTON, TX – Donald Trump left court yesterday and is courting Big Oil today. Trump is holding a five-star hotel fundraiser in Houston to beg for more of his $1 billion “request” from Big Oil and to talk up his promise to give them $110 billion in tax breaks while Americans pay the price.  Fundraiser co-host Kelcy Warren, Chair of Energy Transfer Partners, and Harold Hamm, Chair of Continental Resources, have spent years backing Trump and can testify on the witness stand about how sure of a return on investment he’ll bring them.

While Trump’s defense witnesses are staring down the courtroom’s judge, Houstonians are staring at Trump in disbelief as he flies in to beg Big Oil for funds just days after the city’s climate disaster that saw lives lost and billions in damages. Trump is ignoring the terrible costs being paid by Houstonians so that Big Oil can pay the cost of his legal bills. Trump cares so little about the cost of climate change to average Americans that he’s seeking counsel from fundraiser co-host Kelcy Warren,  whose company made $2.4 billion from the suffering of Texans during the Great Texas Freeze of 2021, except for a few cowards who abandoned both the state and country entirely.  

Alex Glass, Climate Power’s Managing Director of Communications, released the following statement: “Donald Trump is going directly from the courtroom to courting Big Oil. He’s flying to Houston to cash in on his pitch, that for the bargain price of $1 billion in campaign contributions, his White House will save them $110 billion in promised tax breaks while Americans are left to foot the bill. Last week, Houston was ravaged by storms caused by a Big Oil-fueled climate crisis that saw at least eight lives lost and at least $5 billion in damage. But Trump, who calls climate change a hoax, is sprinting to a glitzy fundraiser hosted by Kelcy Warren, whose company made $2.4 billion off Texans during the Great Texas Freeze of 2021.”