Trump Pushes ‘Drill Baby Drill’ Agenda As Clean Energy Lowers Costs

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a campaign speech in New Hampshire today, former president Donald Trump summed up his energy agenda: “drill, baby, drill.” Trump is once again campaigning against clean energy sources that will lower costs for millions of households across the nation.  

“Every single Republican presidential candidate is pulling from the same Big Oil-approved playbook that puts profits over people,” said Climate Power deputy managing director of communications Christina Polizzi. “The Grand Oil Party is going to continue to deny our climate change reality and parrot Big Oil’s talking points, but voters aren’t buying it. Voters want their leaders to take action to protect our planet, and President Biden’s game-changing clean energy investments are broadly popular. Clean energy investments have already created more than 170,600 jobs across the country — most of which are in Republican-held districts. Republicans want to reverse that progress and stop our clean energy boom in its tracks.” 

Donald Trump has taken nearly $15 million from the oil and gas industry in the 2020 election and $1.3 million from the industry in the 2016 election.