Trump’s Latest and Greatest Lies

And Why He’s Wrong

Donald Trump has been parroting the same lies about clean energy and climate change, proving every time he gets onstage that he’s out of his depth. Ahead of his speech on Wednesday, we’ve put together a guide to his lies and the facts that debunk them.

Trump’s Lie: President Biden is waging a “war on American energy” and raising energy costs. 

Trump’s Lie: Electric vehicles (EVs) make us more dependent on China. 

Ironically, rolling back the clean energy plan, as Donald Trump and other Republicans have pledged to do, will only benefit China at the expense of American workers and consumers. Notably, the oil and gas industry relies heavily on components from China, including barite and steel, tying the United States to supply chains in China as long as we rely on oil and gas. 

The Inflation Reduction Act boosted domestic clean energy manufacturing, including electric vehicle manufacturing, and shifted private investment to the United States. The Inflation Reduction Act’s stringent Made in America requirements are bringing whole industries and supply chains back to the U.S. and our closest trading partners. The clean energy plan is specifically designed to eliminate our reliance on China for EV batteries and other components. Ironically, eliminating the clean energy plan, as Donald Trump and other Republicans have pledged to do, will only benefit China at the expense of American workers and consumers.  

Trump’s Lie: Energy costs were lower during Trump’s presidency because of his “drill, baby, drill” agenda.

Trump’s Lie: If Trump had been reelected in 2020, he would have made the U.S. energy dominant within 6 months, allowing the U.S. to pay off its debt and lower taxes. 

Trump’s Lie: New power plant regulations from President Biden’s EPA are helping China and costing the U.S.

Trump’s Lie: Electric vehicles are killing America’s auto industry and are bad for auto workers.

Trump’s Lie: Offshore wind turbines are killing whales: “in 50 years, one whale was injured by a boat, but the windmills have driven hundreds of whales onto shore”

Trump’s Lie: Places with lots of EVs are already experiencing blackouts and brownouts every day due to the strain on the grid. 

Trump’s Lie: President Biden is trying to ban gas-powered vehicles, gas stoves, and other household appliances. 

Trump’s Lie: Wind energy is “50 times more expensive” than fossil fuels. 

Trump’s Lie: California is in a “man-made” drought caused by Democrats’ policies, resulting in water rations that mean Californians “generally speaking, don’t smell so good.”

Trump’s Lie: Democrats caused California wildfires with poor forest management, and Trump would have fixed it Governor Newsom had let him: “Wouldn’t it be nice if you had dampened floors? You wouldn’t have forest fires. So we’ll work on that, too. But I couldn’t convince this guy Gavin to do it because he’s an environmental maniac only for political reasons.”

Trump’s Lie: Electric boats will force people to make a choice between death by shark or electrocution.