Trump’s Project 2025: A Dream for Polluters and Nightmare for America

Trump Promises Big Oil Donors That He’ll Kill Clean Energy 

Washington, D.C. – New reporting on Donald Trump’s private comments to the Big Oil donors propping up his campaign and paying his legal bills underscores how Project 2025 previews what a second term under Donald Trump would look like: he will double down on his extreme and dangerous first-term record that literally put the oil and gas industry in charge. This sweeping plan, authored by individuals and groups with extensive ties to the fossil fuel industry, would put Trump’s promise to be a dictator on day one into action.

According to the Washington Post, Trump told an assembly of Big Oil executives gathered together by oil billionaire and Trump megadonor Harold Hamm that he would seek to kill the wind energy industry and do whatever he can to benefit the oil and gas industry. Controversial climate denier and key figure behind Project 2025, William Perry Pendley, told the Post there is no reason to move forward with wind energy, “the priority has to be oil and gas.” As AFL-CIO President Liz Schuler noted in response to this troubling report, workers in the nascent offshore wind industry have much to fear from a second Trump term.

“We need only look at Donald Trump’s record as the most anti-environment, pro-polluter president in American history to understand what he’ll do if re-elected,” said Climate Power executive director Lori Lodes. “In order to please his Big Oil donors, Trump has launched an all-out war on more affordable, cleaner American energy, placing hundreds of thousands of jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars in private sector investments at risk. Project 2025, which was literally written by the oil and gas industry, shows us how a second Trump term would be even worse than his first: more giveaways to Big Oil; more pollution in our air, water, and communities; more climate denial; and the end of our clean energy economic boom. Under Donald Trump, Big Oil, corporate polluters, and our competitors like China win while everyone else loses.”

Key Elements of Trump’s Extreme Project 2025 Plan

The project’s architects, which include both climate and election deniers, hope to hasten “the overturning, via executive order, of what [they] believe are wrong policies of the current administration.” As Politico reported: “If enacted, it could decimate the federal government’s climate work, stymie the transition to clean energy and shift agencies toward nurturing the fossil fuel industry rather than regulating it. It’s designed to be implemented on the first day of a Republican presidency.” Under the plan, a second Trump term would “start by rejecting any work on climate science prepared during the Biden administration.” “The approach is to go back to all-out fossil fuel production and sit on the EPA,” said Steve Milloy, a former Trump transition team adviser.

The individuals charged with the relevant chapters of the Project 2025 plan are former Trump administration officials with close ties to the fossil fuel industry. William Perry Pendley, the lead for the DOI chapter of the plan, is a climate denier who called climate change “junk science” and said those who believe in it are “kooks.” Mandy Gunasekara wrote the EPA chapter of the plan. She is a climate denier who recently called climate change “mild and manageable,” and her CO2 Coalition profile describes her as “the chief architect of the Paris Accord withdrawal and the repeal of the Clean Power Plan” while she was President Trump’s principal deputy assistant administrator for the EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation. Bernard McNamee, a former FERC commissioner and Energy Department official under Trump, wrote the DOE chapter of the plan. His work for the Texas Attorney General included Texas’ challenge to the Obama-era Clean Power Plan.