Trump’s Texas Big Oil Cash Roundup

Trump was in Texas yesterday, collecting checks from Big Oil executives, reminding them of his request for $1 billion in “campaign donations,” and surely discussing his promise to give them their Day One wishlist, along with $110 billion in tax breaks.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Here’s a roundup of coverage from Trump’s back-to-back Wednesday fundraisers with Big Oil billionaires in Houston and Dallas. Harold Hamm of Continental Resources and Vicki Hollub of Occidental Petroleum co-hosted the Houston luncheon, while Kelcy Warren, Chair of Energy Transfer Partners, somehow co-hosted both events, following up his Houston luncheon with dinner in Dallas.

USA Today: Headline –”‘Drill, baby, drill:’ Donald Trump raises money from the oil and gas industry” … “Donald Trump headlined a fundraiser with energy executives in Texas on Wednesday, just weeks after telling industry leaders he would remove regulations on their business – and asking for $1 billion in donations.

The Guardian:  Headline: “Trump attends Houston lunch to ask oil bosses for more campaign cash; Invitation-only meeting comes on heels of controversial dinner at Mar-a-Lago where Trump reportedly offered $1bn quid pro quo”  …  “The third co-host of Wednesday’s meeting, Kelcy Warren, is the executive chairman of Energy Transfer Partners – a company with whom Trump has close financial ties.”

Warren appears to have benefited from Trump’s first term: within days of taking office in 2017, Trump approved construction of his company’s highly controversial Dakota Access pipeline, triggering outrage from climate advocates, conservationists and nearby Indigenous tribal organizations.   Last year, the Texas Tribune found that Energy Transfer Partners profited to the tune of $2.4bn as gas demand soared during Texas’s deadly winter freeze and the ensuing collapse of the state’s energy grid.”

The Financial Times: Headline – “Donald Trump taps Texas oil tycoons in bid to close cash gap with Joe Biden” …“Trump has sought to shore up support among deep-pocketed executives in the US’s fossil fuel sector with a pledge to rip up much of President Joe Biden’s environmental and climate agenda and allow the industry to ‘drill, baby, drill.’”

The Financial Times US Election Countdown Newsletter:  Headline – “Donald Trump courts oil executives with pledge to let industry ‘drill, baby, drill’”  … “Donald Trump is drilling for oil money. He spent yesterday in Texas hitting up oil barons for cash, as well as moguls operating in industries ranging from sports to cars, as he scrambles to narrow Joe Biden’s fundraising advantage [free to read].”