Vice President Harris’ California Visit Will Spotlight How the Biden-Harris Clean Energy Plan is Funding Clean Energy Entrepreneurship

WASHINGTON, DC — Vice President Harris’ tour of Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator will spotlight how the clean energy plan is investing in local clean energy businesses. The Biden-Harris administration’s affordable clean energy plan is galvanizing clean energy economic growth and entrepreneurship—creating jobs and opportunities for Californians. 

The Golden State is a leader in America’s clean energy economy. RMI estimates that California could create 140,000 clean energy jobs through 2030, thanks to the Biden-Harris administration’s clean energy plan. 

Here are some facts related to California’s growing clean energy economy: 

“Thanks to the Biden-Harris Administration’s clean energy plan, states like California have even more robust funding for clean energy entrepreneurship and robust jobs training programs,” said Climate Power spokesperson Eden Alem. “Through small business investments and job training programs, young people and marginalized communities are able to create economic opportunities locally, while combating climate change.”   

Additionally, the Biden-Harris administration has invested in cost saving energy programs and climate resiliency funding. Last fall, the Department of Energy announced over $582 million in funding to lower energy costs, and make homes more energy efficient with upgraded electric appliances.