Vice President Harris Joins EPA Administrator to Announce Recipients of $20 Billion in Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds

Raleigh, NC — Today, Vice President Kamala Harris joined Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Michael Regan to announce $20 billion in funding for grant recipients through the National Clean Investment Fund (NCIF) and the Clean Communities Investment Accelerator (CCIA). Both grant programs were created through a $27 billion investment as part of the Biden-Harris administration’s clean energy plan. These grant programs are part of the administration’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, which is intended to mobilize financing and private capital in order to reduce air pollution. 

“From Day One, the Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to the clean energy transition has been abundantly clear,” said Climate Power’s States Interim Managing Director André Crombie. “Neither the government nor the private sector can win the fight against climate change alone. We’ll achieve the most progress in creating good-paying jobs, saving Americans money on energy costs, and making our air safer to breathe and water safer to drink if we work together. Over the past year and a half, North Carolina has experienced the benefits of the administration’s clean energy plan firsthand, with nearly 10,000 new jobs and more than $18 billion in investment. We’re excited to see this growth continue in the Tar Heel State and beyond.”

Vice President Harris and Administrator Regan also met with a first-homeowner in a historically Black community of Charlotte who has lower energy bills thanks to the clean energy plan and a local nonprofit, Self-Help, which is helping low and moderate-income families finance, renovate, and construct energy-efficient, affordable homes. 

“When President Biden and I made the largest investment in our nation’s history to address the climate crisis and to build a clean energy economy, we made sure that every community would be able to participate and benefit,” said Vice President Kamala Harris in a statement released by the EPA. “The grantees announced today will help ensure that families, small businesses, and community leaders have access to the capital they need to make climate and clean energy projects a reality in their neighborhoods.”