WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Our Clean Energy Boom is Spurring Investments and Job Growth Across the Country

Elected officials and business leaders laud the latest Clean Energy Boom Report 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Biden’s clean energy plan is unleashing American workers and businesses to build a clean energy economy and revitalize communities across the country. That is the finding from Climate Power’s latest Clean Energy Boom report, which found that since the clean energy plan was passed, American businesses have announced or moved forward with more than $310 Billion in new clean energy investments to generate 211,000 jobs across 45 states and Puerto Rico.

Officials and clean energy business leaders across the country have praised the plan after the report’s release:

“But clearly, these 10 years of tax credits [in the clean energy plan] have caused a surge of investment in manufacturing.” said John Podesta, the senior White House advisor on clean energy innovation, in an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article “There’s no question that people make individual decisions…but the lion’s share of the investment coming to the United States, if you talk to business after business, is a result of that 10 years of certainty on the tax side.”

“Georgia has benefited from Federal manufacturing incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act more than any other state in the nation,” said Senator Jon Ossoff. “Senator Warnock and I shaped this legislation to serve our state’s particular interests and to meet our state’s particular strengths.”

“The recent wave of clean energy investment is doing far more than just adding clean power to our grid; it is opening doors for historically marginalized communities to reap the benefits of the clean energy revolution,” said Solstice CEO Steph Speirs. “The clean energy plan powers initiatives like the National Clean Investment Fund, which will fund critical clean energy projects in disadvantaged communities, and the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund’s Solar For All program, which will allow millions of low-income American households to access solar power. These are massive steps toward an energy future that works for ALL of us.”

“At Eos, we’re putting American ingenuity to work. We’re proud to be part of the clean energy transition that’s bringing good-paying jobs to states like Pennsylvania. Made-in-America manufacturing is back, and it’s creating economic opportunity in rural areas and city centers across the country,” said Joe Manstrangelo, CEO of Eos. “Our zinc-powered energy storage solutions are helping bring about a clean energy future and building a safer, healthier state, country, and planet.”

“The renaissance in American manufacturing is offering opportunities to workers across the country to play a part in building the nation’s clean energy economy,” said Lindsay Gorrill, CEO and Founder of KORE Power. “From our team in Vermont that is advancing innovative energy storage solutions, to the construction crews building the KOREPlex in Arizona, we are proud of the men and women whose work is delivering on the promise of the clean energy transition.”

“Producing fast DC EV charging solutions right here in North America and then delivering them across the USA and Canada will not only vastly improve the EV charging infrastructure; but will be a major step forward in reducing carbon emissions across the globe,” said Tim Joyce, President of Kempower North America. “We are delighted that not only will our North Carolina plant be up and running in a few weeks but we are filling pre-orders for delivery everywhere in early 2024.”