What to Expect At GOP Debate: Big Oil Funded Talking Points Attacking American Business

Republican Smears on Companies As “Woke” Part of Larger Campaign By Big Oil Companies To Protect Dying, Expensive 20th Century Fossil Fuel Industry

The Hill: Documents Reveal How Fossil Fuel Industry Created, Pushed Anti-ESG Campaign

Washington, D.C. – As Republicans gather for tonight’s presidential debate, we’ll undoubtedly hear Republicans push their extreme agenda with attacks on American businesses making environmentally responsible investments or considering legitimate financial risks such as extreme weather or a company’s record of polluting

Even though polling shows it to be bad political strategy, Republican presidential candidates have made this a hallmark of their campaigns—and there’s one big reason: it’s part of a coordinated campaign by Big Oil companies and their allies to stop corporate America from moving away from dirty energy sources like fossil fuels.

Here are some key facts to remember ahead of tonight’s debate: 

Fossil fuel companies are driving Republicans’ charge against “woke” corporations.

Republicans are working to mislead by pushing an extreme agenda that attacks corporations and helps fossil fuel companies while forcing risky investments on Americans.

The Bottom Line: Republicans’ extreme crusade against American businesses is bad for the economy.