Youth Voters are Motivated by Climate Action, Democrats Must Continue to Deliver

WASHINGTON, D.C. – There was no red wave on Tuesday and it’s clear that huge levels of support among young voters – many of whom are motivated by climate – steered the U.S. away from a Republican takeover. On Wednesday, President Biden credited young people who turned out to vote for climate action for Tuesday’s wins, noting that they “voted in historic numbers again. And just as they did two years ago, they voted to continue addressing the climate crisis.” While there are still outstanding races to be called, youth voters supported Democrats over Republicans by more than 28 points, and are the only age group that overwhelmingly backed Democrats. 

“As Democrats take lessons from the surprising results of the midterm elections, one that clearly needs to be taken to heart is that youth voters delivered the election and we need to continue to deliver climate action for them,” said Climate Power Senior Advisor Noreen Nielsen. “Implementing and selling the popular climate provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act is critical for Democrats’ chances in 2024.”

Young voters who showed up for climate action marked climate change as a perpetually motivating issue, and one that candidates must continue to campaign on to win. Key races from this year prove this. For example, young voters 18-29 preferred Fetterman over Oz 70% to 28%, delivering Fetterman’s consequential win by a 3% margin. Young voters were also decisive in key Democratic wins in the New Hampshire Senate race, the Michigan governor race, and the Wisconsin governor race, showing that climate champions are – and will continue to be – a motivating and decisive choice for young voters.