Biden v. Trump on Clean Energy

As President Biden makes historic investments in Made in America clean energy, here’s a reminder: Donald Trump repeatedly attacks clean energy, spreading misinformation about wind, solar, and electric vehicles, all after he hampered those industries as president, costing American jobs.

As president, Donald Trump took action to help Big Oil keep its grip on the automotive industry and slow the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). Since leaving office, Trump has repeatedly attacked EVs, spread conspiracy theories, and pledged to end Biden’s “mandate” on electric vehicles. Meanwhile, President Biden had made countless investments to boost EV use and lower automobile emissions. Biden worked to lower EV costs for Americans through tax credits and has taken steps to ensure that EV components are made in America.

This document overviews the contrast between Biden and Trump on EVs, Solar, and Wind.       

The Contrast: Electric Vehicles (EVs) 

As President, Trump Rolled Back Clean Car Standards

Trump Vowed To Repeal Biden’s EV “Mandate”

Trump Claimed EVs Would Destroy U.S. Auto Jobs And Make Auto Companies Go Bankrupt

Trump Criticized The Cost Of EVs And Claimed That “Nobody” Wants To Buy EVs

Trump Complained About EV’s Range And Charging Time

Trump Claimed That EVs Don’t Work In Certain Weather Conditions And Doubted The Grid’s Ability To Accommodate EVs

Trump Criticized EV Batteries And Their Electric Capacity

Trump Railed Against Other Types Of EVs Like Electric Trucks And Army Tanks

Biden Funded Projects, Announced Grants, And Set Goals To Support The EV Transition

The Contrast: Solar

The Trump Administration Hurt The Solar Industry

Trump Attacked Solar 

Project 2025 Called To Block Expansion Of The Electrical Grid For Solar

Biden Championed Solar

The Contrast: Wind

Trump Waged A War Against Wind Energy

Trump Pushed Conspiracy Theories About Windmills

Biden Turbocharged The U.S. Wind Industry