Biden v. Trump On Climate

Trump is making attacks on clean energy and climate a core part of his argument in his presidential campaign. Given that Trump considers climate change a “hoax” and a “con job,” it’s no surprise that he’s focusing his campaign on gutting the landmark climate progress made by the Biden administration. Trump has promised to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act, be a “dictator” on “day one” so he can “drill, drill, drill,” withdraw (again) from the Paris Climate Agreement and virtually eliminate all environmental protections and standards to reduce carbon pollution. And Trump has said he wants to go even further when it comes to his massive tax breaks for Big Oil — not coincidentally while fossil fuel billionaires are offering to pay his growing legal bills.

The contrast on climate could not be clearer. This document overviews the contrast between Biden and Trump on climate focused on actually tackling climate change, climate science, pollution, oil and gas appointees, drilling, and fossil fuel subsidies, environmental justice, electric vehicles, global leadership, and energy efficiency.  

The Contrast: Tackling Climate Change

Trump Failed To Fight Climate Change

Biden Has Taken Historic Action To Tackle The Climate Crisis

The Contrast: Climate Science

Trump Denied Climate Science

Biden’s Administration Centered Climate Science

The Contrast: Pollution

Trump Rolled Back Protections On Pollution

Biden Restored And Strengthened Pollution Protections

Trump Attacked Vehicle Standards

Biden’s Administration Tightened Standards

The Contrast: Oil And Gas


Trump Installed Industry Leaders In Positions Of Power


Trump Increased Drilling While President

Trump Vowed To Increase Drilling In A Second Administration

Biden Has Restricted Drilling

Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Trump Embraced Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Biden Wants To End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The Contrast: Environmental Justice

Trump Rolled Back Protections And Environmental Justice Efforts

Biden’s Administration Centered Environmental Justice In Its Work

The Contrast: Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Trump Repeatedly Attacked EVs

President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan Spurred An EV Manufacturing Jobs Boom

The Contrast: Global Leadership

Trump Withdrew The U.S. From The Paris Climate Agreement, And Would Do So Again

Biden Reestablished The U.S.’s Global Climate Leadership 

The Contrast: Energy Efficiency

Trump Attacked Energy Efficiency Efforts

Biden’s Clean Energy Plan Supported Energy Efficiency

The DOE announced new energy efficiency actions for dishwashers, beverage vending machines, and final standards for electric motors. The standards are expected to save Americans $652 million in utility bills each year and businesses $464 million a year on energy costs.