CONFIRMED, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6TH: Oil Companies Agreed To Send Representatives To A House Energy & Commerce Hearing. Chairman Frank Pallone of the House Committee on Energy & Commerce sent letters requesting the testimony of six oil company CEOs at a hearing. That hearing is now confirmed for Wednesday, April 6th, 2022 at 10:30am and will be titled “Gouged at the Gas Station: Big Oil and America’s pain at the pump.” The witness list for the hearing includes:

CANCELED, TUESDAY APRIL 5TH: 3 Oil CEOs Declined Request From House Natural Resources. Chairman Raúl Grijalva of the House Natural Resources Committee sent letters requesting the testimony of three oil company CEOs at a hearing to be held on Tuesday, April 5th. All three companies turned down the request and the hearing was canceled on March 29th after the CEOs refused to participate. The companies whose CEOs were asked to testify were:

TBD: Invitations Went Out For A Senate Commerce Committee Hearing. On March 18th, Senator Maria Cantwell, Chair of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation sent letters requesting the testimony of executives from:

What you need to know: This package includes links to research resources that might be helpful in advance of this hearing. 


Polling: A recent Hart Research poll shows that large majorities blame Putin’s war and oil company profiteering for recent high prices at the pump, and a Data for Progress poll shows that now more than ever, voters support federal investments in domestic clean energy production.

Five Things You Need To Know About Oil And Gas Profiteering: Get the facts about how oil and gas companies are intentionally holding back production to keep profits high and return billions to their shareholders while Americans feel the pain at the pump. 

Oil and Gas Profiteering: Rhetoric Vs Reality: Prepare yourself for some of the excuses the oil industry will give to try to escape blame for the pain that Americans are feeling at the pump. Then see why they’re wrong.

Oil and Gas CEOs Background: Get some of the basic stats and facts about the oil companies who have been invited to testify before congress, including how much money they’ve been making, and where they’re spending it.

Oil Money To Committee Members: See a spreadsheet that pulls together career total campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry to members of the committees overseeing oil and gas. Data is compiled from the Center for Responsive Politics, www.opensecrets.org 

Oil and Gas Hurting Communities Of Color: Oil and gas industry giants have a long history of polluting Black, Brown and Native communities, with devastating environmental and health impacts. Here are just some of the many examples of the harm they’ve caused.