When it Comes to Energy, Ryan and Vance are Polar Opposites

Ryan Advocates for Corporate Accountability to Lower Consumer Costs, While Vance Backs Big Oil Instead of Ohioans

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Tonight, in a town hall hosted by Fox News, candidates for U.S. Senate  Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan and Republican candidate J.D. Vance spoke to voters about key issues, including inflation and rising energy costs. The differences between Ryan and Vance were stark, with Ryan putting the blame squarely on Big Oil profiteering and price gouging, while Vance spread disinformation attacking Biden and congressional Democrats. Below are some key moments from tonight’s forum.

Amid record quarterly earnings driven by price gouging and profiteering, Ryan called out Big Oil’s war on working people. He also called for  the expansion of clean energy, noting the massive economic benefits.

While Ryan leaned into corporate accountability and Ohio’s potential to lead the clean energy economy, Vance repeatedly spread disinformation about the so-called “energy crisis.”

This town hall happened as major oil and gas companies announce eye-popping third quarter profits and President Biden pushes for a corporate windfall tax to hold the industry accountable for price gouging the American public. Here are some of the topline Q3 profits: