While Trump Made Us More Vulnerable To Extreme Weather, President Biden Has Taken Major Action On Climate

Since taking office, President Biden has taken concrete action to mitigate extreme weather and build climate resiliency in communities across the country. In stark contrast, Trump’s presidency made the nation more vulnerable to extreme weather events as he repeatedly revoked pro-climate policies, stifled climate science, mocked extreme weather disasters, and allowed the oil and gas industry to pollute our air with toxic greenhouse gasses that drive climate change. 

As President, Trump Ignored Climate Science And Opened Our Public Lands To Oil And Gas – Making Us More Vulnerable To Extreme Weather

Trump Delivered For His Big Oil Donors By Opening Up Public Lands To Fossil Fuel Drilling

Trump Rescinded Obama-Era Climate Actions 

Trump Permitted The Release Of Toxic Pollution Into Our Air And Water

Trump Revoked Critical Flood Standards That Protected Americans

Trump Botched Hurricane Recovery Efforts (And Re-Drew Hurricane Maps)

Trump Exploited Deadly Wildfires

Trump Dismissed Drought Impacts

Trump Stalled Climate Resilience Efforts

Trump Cut Environmental Programs And Funding 

Trump Cut Funding To Mitigate And Respond To Extreme Weather Events

Trump Suppressed Climate Science And Repeatedly Promoted Climate Misinformation

Trump Was Slow To Staff Agencies Dealing With Extreme Weather And Appointed Climate Change Deniers To Key Posts

President Biden Has Acted To Combat Climate Change And To Make Us More Resilient To Its Impacts

Biden Took Action To Mitigate The Impacts Of Extreme Heat 

Biden Funded Projects To Make Communities More Resilient To Drought Impacts

Biden Acted To Mitigate The Impacts Of Wildfires

Biden Acted To Mitigate Sea Level Rise And Make Coastal Communities More Resilient

Biden Prioritized Climate Resilience And Environmental Conservation