10 Days ‘til Default: House Republicans Want to Kill Nearly 150,000 jobs in 41 States

Washington, D.C. – MAGA House Republicans chose Big Oil over the interests of their own constituents when they passed their Default on America Act. The legisation is part of an extreme effort to gut the Biden-Harris Administration’s Inflation Reduction Act – risking nearly 150,000 clean energy jobs in 41 states according to Climate Power’s latest Clean Energy Boom report

MAGA House Republicans’ serving the interests of Big Oil shouldn’t come as a surprise. During the 2022 midterm cycle, Big Oil spent a whopping $38.4 million in campaign contributions to Republican candidates. 

Here are some of Big Oil’s Favorite House GOP Members:

  • $616,563 → Kevin McCarthy (CA-20) 
  • $550,221 → August Pfluger (TX-11) 
  • $415,445 → Wesley Hunt (TX-38)
  • $368,291 → Steve Scalise (LA-1)