12 Days ‘til Default: House Republicans Hit their Constituents the Hardest with Default on America Act

Washington, D.C. – The Default on America Act jeopardizes 191 clean energy projects across America, more than half of which are located in Republican congressional districts. By passing this bill, House Republicans have signaled that they are willing to kill good-paying jobs that will employ their constituents, so Big Oil can get tax breaks. 

According to Climate Power’s Clean Energy Boom report, 107 of the 191 clean energy projects are based in 72 Republican districts across the country. Together, these 107 projects will create 77,261 new jobs and generate more than $198 billion in investments

The districts with the most clean energy projects include: 

  • NV-2 (Rep. Mark Amodei): 4 projects 
  • KY-1 (Rep. James Comer): 4 projects 
  • TN-7 (Rep. Mark Green): 4 projects 
  • GA-12 (Rep. Rick Allen): 3 projects 
  • IN-5 (Rep. Victoria Spartz): 3 projects 
  • SC-2 (Rep. Joe Wilson): 3 projects 
  • WA-4 (Rep. Dan Newhouse): 3 projects