17 Days ‘til Default: If MAGA House Republicans Succeed in Making Default on America Act Law, They’ll Jeopardize Jobs in GOP States

Washington, D.C. – MAGA House Republicans’ Default on America Act will jeopardize exponential clean energy job growth for their Senate colleagues. The states represented by members of the Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee—a key committee in charge of drafting energy legislation, have a lot to lose if MAGA extremists’ Default on America Act passes. 

According to Climate Power’s latest Clean Energy Boom report, states represented by  members of the Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee stand to lose 45 clean energy projects, 34,914 jobs, and over $46 billion if the Inflation Reduction Act is repealed. 

Senate Energy and Natural Resource GOP members with top investments at risk include: 

  • $15 Billion in Idaho (Sen. James Risch) 
  • $11 Billion in Utah (Sen. Mike Lee) 
  • $871 Million+ in North Dakota  (Sen. John Hoeven)
  • $861 Million + in Louisiana (Sen. Bill Cassidy)