22 Days ‘til Default: 65+ Battery Plants at Risk If MAGA Congressional Extremists’ Default on America Act Passes

Washington, D.C. — Time and time again, MAGA Congressional Republicans have proven that they would rather serve the interests of Big Oil than their constituents who stand to benefit the most from the clean energy boom the Biden Clean Energy Plan is helping to create. Their latest dangerous stunt, the Default on America Act, is no different. 

Since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, at least 65 battery plants have been announced or expanded their operations, the majority of them being in red states. If the Inflation Reduction Act is repealed these plants, and the nearly 80,000 jobs they’ve created, are at risk of being killed. 

States with the most battery plants: 

  • 8 in Tennessee 
  • 6 in South Carolina 
  • 6 in Nevada 
  • 6 in Arizona