At White House, Top Business Leaders Show Their Strong Support for the Swift Passage of a Build Back Better Act that Will Build America’s Clean Energy Future


January 26th, 2022

Contact: Jason Phelps, [email protected]

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, the CEOs of top corporations, including GM CEO and Chair of The Business Roundtable Mary Barra and Ford CEO Jim Farley, came to the White House to meet President Joe Biden and discuss the importance of passing a Build Back Better Act that will put America to work building our clean energy economy. The leaders of the automakers who met with Biden today support the Administration’s goal of having 50% of U.S. car sales come from zero emission models by 2030. The private sector needs climate action at the core of the Build Back Better Act to fully seize this economic opportunity.

In response to the meeting, Noreen Nielsen, Senior Advisor for Climate Power, released the following statement:

“The CEOs who came to the White House know it’s simply good business sense for Congress to take climate action. The climate crisis is disrupting millions of lives while putting strains on the bottom lines of companies across every sector of the economy. Industry leaders want action now and understand we only have one opportunity to meet the moment. It’s why they champion the climate action embedded in the Build Back Better Act as good economic policy that will help businesses and households by building our clean energy future.”