Bidenomics at Work: 600 New Clean Energy Jobs in South Carolina Thanks to POTUS’ Clean Energy Plan

South Carolina and Red States Benefit the Most from President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan

Columbia, South Carolina – Today, President Joe Biden visited South Carolina to debut the new groundbreaking partnership between solar firm Enphase Energy and manufacturer Flex Ltd. The $60 million investment by Enphase will create 1,800 new jobs across the US, including 600 jobs in South Carolina. This new project came to fruition thanks to President Biden’s clean energy plan. 

“As MAGA congressional extremists’ are determined to kill our clean energy boom, President Biden remains steadfast in his commitment to bring Made in America manufacturing back, and create more good-paying clean energy jobs all across the country,” said Lori Lodes, Executive Director of Climate Power. “This latest announcement in South Carolina is yet another example of how Bidenomics is delivering for working families, providing opportunities for hard-working people, and lowering costs for Americans. This is what is at stake if congressional Republicans, including those in South Carolina, have their way and repeal President Biden’s clean energy plan.” 

In addition to this event, President Biden and his cabinet are making the case across the country for Bidenomics and the administration’s clean energy plan, with over two dozen events scheduled in the next few weeks. According to the Biden administration, private companies have announced more than $500 billion in investments thanks to the President’s clean energy plan. 

Please reach out to Jasmine at [email protected] if you are interested in speaking to South Carolina leaders about the state’s clean energy economy and President Biden’s visit.